Luke Baylis


Founder of SumoSalad™ Australia’s largest and most awarded healthy fast food franchise, with over 100 stores and with international locations in New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South America, and the USA, SumoSalad is an Aussie success story in every sense of the word.

Apart from disrupting the conventional fast food industry, with delicious healthy salad alternatives, Luke and the company are also making sure we’re doing something good for the planet too. That means making every effort to source produce locally & ethically, and having fully compostable packaging that leaves nothing behind but feel-good vibes.

SumoSalad is delicious fast food that fuels your body with real purpose, not crap.

As Brand Ambassador for Business Edge, Luke will bring the same no nonsense and grounded Aussie entrepreneurial spirit to on the day and share his story on how a single travel experience, developed into an idea and was converted into a multi-million dollar Global brand including:

  • How your life experiences could serve and support others and make you financially independent in the process
  • What’s fundamentally needed to grow and expand a sustainable global business
  • How to truly leverage results by building a brand not just a business
  • What’s critically important in re-inventing a business in changing and uncertain times to thrive in the future


Mandy Johnson

Flight Centre

Best-selling business author; founder and ex-director of Flight Centre UK; and a University of Queensland Business School executive educator

Mandy holds the record as the youngest-ever director of global travel retailer Flight Centre Limited, as a start-up founder of their UK operation. Mandy now writes, speaks and advises organisations on innovative, evidence-based techniques that increase employee engagement, solve business challenges and transform profitability. She has trialed her techniques in a diverse range of organisations over 15 years, including a stint undercover in a yachting company which became an Australian Financial Review news story.

In addition to consulting and keynote speaking – she was one of only two Australians to present at the 2015 Asia/Pacific Talent Conference in Taipei – Mandy also teaches executive education masterclasses at the University of Queensland Business School; is a Course Director of their Owner/Manager Programme; guest lectures to MBA and Incubate students at a number of universities; and runs public masterclasses at business events and conferences.

Mandy has been interviewed and/or featured on Sky Business News with Carson Scott, The Australian Financial Review, BRW, Boss Magazine, ABC Radio’s Conversation Hour and Jon Faine Morning Programme, Qantas In-Flight Radio, German Eins Magazine and a host of other media for her innovative strategies.

Mandy’s first book Family, Village Tribe (Random House) made Kobo’s 2014 top five in the Business-Entrepreneurship category and is studied in many MBA courses around Australia. Her second book Winning The War for Talent (Wiley Business) was released in 2015 and has garnered excellent reviews and widespread attention in the media, including trending number three on Twitter in a US radio interview.

Mandy now lives in Queensland with her husband (also an author and the 2015 Queensland Book Of The Year Award winner – see for his Pan McMillan book On the Road…With Kids) and two children and challenges conventional business thinking at every opportunity.

In this session, Mandy outlines her innovative strategies that build remarkable workplaces and produce spectacular profit results. Using compelling evidence from real business case studies, she debunks myths, illustrates why conventional thinking is disastrous for 21st century organisations, and outlines specific, practical steps to help participants achieve their organisational goals. These include:

  • Innovative, evidence-based techniques that increase employee engagement, halve staff turnover, solve business challenges and transform profitability.
  • How to develop and nurture a winning team culture.
  • Unconventional business strategies such as how global retailer Flight Centre used Stone Age tribal structures to grow from 1 to 3000 stores and become a multi-billion dollar corporation.
  • Lessons learnt from Mandy’s own experience as a start-up founder opening a store a month, with limited resources and in a highly-competitive market.


Social Media Marketing Institute

Mireille is CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institute, founder of the Social Media Marketing Awards, an award winning entrepreneur and speaker. In 2010, Mireille was named Australian Exercise Professional of the Year and her business was named 2011 QLD Personal Training Business of the Year. Mireille’s success led her to be featured on radio and in over 20 magazines around the world including Grazia, Prevention, Weight Watchers, UltraFit, That’s Life and also was named in 2010 as Australia’s #1 Personal Trainer by Good Health. Mireille has over 75 000 followers on social media and regularly appears on podcasts such as Success Stalkers radio and was featured in the book “Picture Them Naked”, which shares the secrets of successful speakers.


When Mireille was CEO of her company Health Guru Industries, she learnt first hand the importance of communicating through content and social media to reach her ideal audience. All the skills Mireille has learnt in the digital marketing space is as a result of needing to learn how to use it in her own companies. When other business owners saw Mireille’s success, they started asking her for her help. 


Brands hire Mireille to help them discover their own brand voice and implement the principles of content marketing and social media strategy to drive traffic into their businesses and accelerate profits. Mireille consults with brands to keep them abreast of trends in the digital space.


In this session, Mireille will outline her blueprint of how to harness the power of social media to drive more leads into your business and sell more of your products and services.  Mireille's session will include:


  • Why you need to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry
  • How to craft your customer avatar and build strong relationships with your audience through content delivery
  • How to build a social media strategic plan
  • Amplification initiatives to increase your social media reach
  • Marketing Tactics to drive leads into your business 
  • Harnessing the power of social media metrics to refine your strategy

Brian Dorricott


Brian Dorricott is a serial founder and entrepreneur. He originally trained as an Electronic Engineer at Imperial College, UK. After leaving Philips and Logica he founded and was CEO of Gordano Ltd from 1994 through to an MBO netting a 217x return on investment at its MBO. Gordano’s messaging software was used by 13,200 companies including Telstra, the US Army and IBM.

Brian’s second company was targeted to develop software to match a gap in Cisco’s portfolio. With Cable & Wireless as its only customer, DeeZee was sold to Cisco Systems Inc. 25 months later for $6,812K yielding a 50x return on investment. Brian proceeded to run an angel network reviewing 235 companies, presenting 23 to Business Angels and getting a total of $10,850K investment for 11 companies, $1,610K from local Angels. 

Today Brian concentrates on coaching and providing workshops for Entrepreneurs who want to apply tried and tested ways to prove their business model. By understanding the concepts behind the Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup (Build, Measure, Learn) Brian’s clients rapidly get their idea to market and start to generate an income. Brian Dorricott is a facilitator on the CSIRO’s ONPrime programme which is a part-time pre-accelerator that helps research teams validate their research and discover a real world application for it concentrating on customer discovery and market validation.  Today Brian will take you through the science of creating a lasting company so that you can join the ranks of successful Entrepreneurs.

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